Aquatic Photography
Underwater photography by Morten L. Hansen

Aquatic Photography

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January 2014

In the past month we have been doing a lot of exploration diving in the area and have found a few interesting sites. 

One "Muck-Dive" in particular will interest you photographers out there, with Donut Nudibranchs on almost every hydroid, blue ribbon eels, ghost pipefish, tigershrimps, frogfish and many other fantastic critters to be found! 

Keep updated here on our news feed for more info or simply come out and join us for a dive or two :) 

December 2013

Petra, myself and our whole team would like to extend a big thank you to all of you wonderful people who we had the pleasure to dive with this year, it has been another amazing year and we hope to see you for many more critter filled dives! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us! 

November 2013

Despite of having excellent wide-angle conditions this month I have chosen to work more on my super-macro skills. Using a 100mm USM, 2 x +5 diopters and 1.4x teleconverter has been a lot of fun, and a lot of headache. 

The most important lesson learned for me would be back-focusing, this lovely feature made my Super-Macro shooting a true pleasure. 

My favorite image of the month is this "head-on shot" of a beautiful Nudibranch that I found on the Liberty Slope. 

October 2013

Anyone who has visited North-Eastern Bali will know of the towering 3000m high Agung vulcano, situated only a few miles from the coast. 

The Agung vulcano is highly active and erupted the last time in 1963, the same eruption that pushed the USAT Liberty into the sea. 

This month we (luckily) did not have an eruption but something which looked an awful lot like it. 

The north-east of Bali is very dry, and it has not rained for over six months now, the extraordinarily dry weather this year has sparked several bushfires on the slopes of the vulcano, a photo opportunity that I could not let go. This exposure was taken late in the evening with a shutter-speed of 50sec.

September 2013

This September has been an amazing month for Manta-Ray sightings in Nusa Penida. The Manta-Rays in Bali are there year round, but sometimes they gather in unusually large amounts, and this month was one of those times. 

After coming back from trips and being able to tell our guests of 10-15 different Manta Rays per dive we quickly had a lot of divers begging to go. This resulted in a lot of trips running to Nusa Penida and a lot of very happy divers, all month not a single trip came back without seeing these elegant Balinese giants. We are keeping our fingers crossed for October!   

June 2013

My favorite picture of the month: 

Despite of obviously being inspired by David Doubilets iconic picture from the National Geographic I simply love how this shot came out. 

It was shot with my 7D, a 100mm USM and 2 strobes, one without snoot and one with a small snoot. I used the small snoot to paint a little light on the dark side of the mouth in an attempt to accentuate the parrotfish-smile. The most important setting was not one of the camera but one of patience as it took me 45min to get the light onto that exact spot that I wanted. 

I am happy with the result and hope that you will enjoy it very much! 

March 2013

A slight change of scenery 

Despite of loving the warm and sunny climate in Bali, this year Petra and I decided to spend our holidays doing something a little different. We decided on a trip to the Norwegian Island of Svalbard, one of the northernmost settlements in the world. The target objective was to find and photograph polar bears, despite of a lack of bears we had an amazing time and would like to send out a big thank you to our dear friend Hege for inviting us into your warm home in a cold cold place :)

January 2013

Happy new year! 

With the new year comes new interests. My latests addiction is underwater video, using the EOS 7D for pictures is something I am already quite comfortable with, but video is something entirely different, I still have a lot to learn but I think it came out quite o.k 

Below you will find the link to my first underwater video ever, hope you enjoy!

December 2012

Christmas greetings from Bali! 

Hope you all have a great christmas with family and friends!

November 2012

The main event this month was that Marcus Commodore once again came by for a visit and I was fortunately enough to get some days off to go and explore the muck of the dive-sites Secret Bay and Puri jati! 

Tried out some new photography techniques, got very cold in secret bay doing 1h40min dives, and of course made this image of a gorgeous yellow shaggy frogfish! 

October 2012:

Getting up early for a Manta-Point trip is not only worth it because of the Manta Rays! 

Sunrise overlooking the Siddhartha Dive Resort infinity pool, not a bad place to enjoy your morning coffee! 

September 2012:

The biggest event of the month was the sinking of a new wreck here in Kubu,an Indonesian coastguard ship, the BOGA. 

The ship was constrcuted in Holland but was bought by the Indonesian government to be used as a coastguard supplyship, it had been operating in Indonesian waters since the 50's. 

It measures approximately 50m in lenght and lies at a convenient depth of 12-33m, perfect for a EAN32 dive. 

The wreck was sunk primarily to make a new home for corals and fish but also to take some of the pressure off the sometimes rather busy USAT Liberty in Tulamben. 

In other news, high season is slowly coming to an end which means that I will finally have some more days off to go out and play with the camera!